Our Programs

From Deaf Education and employment and teacher training to motivational youth boot camps- explore our projects to learn more about the impact FESF is making in the lives of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society.


  • Deaf Reach

    An estimated nine million people in Pakistan have some form of hearing loss. Of these, 1.25 million children are deaf, yet less than 2% attend school.
  • MOVE

    The MOVE (Motivated Volunteer Empowerment) Program aims to effect social change by training and engaging Pakistani youth in meaningful community development.
  • Eduserve

    The mandate of the Eduserve training program is to strengthen the educational infrastructure by training teachers, administrators, parents and youth.


  • Dast’khat

    Dast’khat is developed under the Deaf Reach domain to create employment opportunities, advocate and create awareness about the Deaf Community.
  • Pakistan Sign Language (PSL)

    The native language of any Deaf community is their signed language, which is different and unique in every country. PSL is developed under Deaf Reach domain.
  • Code Ear

    Deaf children can do anything- even code. A joint innitiatve of FESF and Grocode